Bombinhas throughout the year

Bombinhas throughout the year

For those who want to know more about Bombinhas we have separated some of the most popular events in the city.

Bombinhas in the 04 stations:

Bombinhas has the smallest territorial area of Santa Catarina, located in the North Coast 70 km from Florianópolis state capital. A beautiful peninsula between the sea and the Atlantic Forest, with 39 beaches, most of them still remain in the wild, with limited access only by the sea or by trails, which end up becoming more an attraction for those who love preserving the natural beaches, which still maintains its ecosystems intact.

The proximity of the Biological Reserve of Arvoredo and the good conditions of visibility of the waters make the beach also known as the Brazilian capital of ecological diving.

In addition to the demand in summer, the municipality also receives year-round tourists, for ecotourism through its trails, lookouts and beaches, for fishing, surfing, standup, and the whole range of nautical sports.

Every year, Bombinhas hosts the largest rural marathon in the country, INDOMIT, which began in 2009 and was the first Trail Run marathon in Brazil! Indomit has already received corridors from 16 Brazilian states and from other countries such as Argentina, Austria, Paraguay and Uruguay.
The circuit has Kids category, adult male and female, ranging from 12 to 65 kilometers, a test open to the public for registration, well organized with technical and challenging courses.

Another culture preserved by local residents is the Artisanal Fishing of Mullet, protected by the "Historic, Artistic and Cultural Heritage" of the State of Santa Catarina, which   begins in May, a moment long awaited by local fishermen and people who cultivate this beautiful culture. The fishing ranches of the main beaches of the city prepare for fishing, the fishermen stay on the beach, with everything ready for the moment the fish arrive, and when they arrive, the siege is done! The artisanal fishing of Mullet is a culture maintained for years in our coast, and has a quota established for the capture of the same, thus not interfering in the biodiversity and the reproduction of the species.

They are options for all tastes, Bombinhas is a paradise, a peninsula located on the Costa Smeralda, which combines tourism, ecology and culture. The city has several leisure options for you that want to rest, surf, swim, dive and venture.

Enjoy your visit to Bombinhas and mount an ideal script to enjoy with your family and friends.

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